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Your generous tax deductible donations will be used for food, medical supplies, veterinarian care, and any other cost associated with the health and well being of the rescues

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There are people here amongst us
who are driven by a desire
to help and care for the ‘silent’ ones,
From somewhere we find the energy
to save them one by one, time and again
It's a pleasure to meet special
souls on this journey
Know you are recognized
as an “earth angel”

...from MR to HC and back again. Now to all of you earth angels.

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Camelid Rescue Coalition (CRC)

The Camelid Rescue Coalition is an alliance comprised of Northeast Llama Rescue, Inc. (NELR), Southeast Llama Rescue, Inc. (SELR), Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc. (SWLR), Llama Association of North America's Lama Lifeline Committee (LANA Lifeline) and several other non profit animal rescues. Its purpose is to provide a unified workforce with the ability to plan, organize and mobilize llama rescue resources nationwide in response to the plea for assistance from the Montana Large Animal Sanctuary.

In late December, 2010, the Montana Large Animal Sanctuary (MLAS) notified rescue agencies across the country of their loss of funding which resulted in their inability to feed and care for approximately 1,000 animals the vast majority of which were llamas. It became apparent right away that a central organizing body would be the most effective. Volunteers gathered together and Camelid Rescue Coalition was formed.

With the help of hundreds of volunteers, the MLAS llamas were evacuated to foster intake centers by the end of January 2011. They are being fed, evaluated, treated by veterinary school staff and students, and the strongest are being adopted. The llamas who require in depth medical assistance or treatment, the ones with special needs or those who are still compromised from starvation will be moved to long term foster care farms where they will remain until they are healthy enough to be adopted.

The llamas are gone from the Montana Large Animal Sanctuary but the rescue work continues. We are not successful without our volunteers and adopters. We cannot continue without additional funds and support. We extend a heartfelt thank you to those of you who are already involved and hope that those who want to help will find a way to become involved in some way.

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